Feelin’ Like Richard Simmons in Spain

We left our apartment early Sunday morning. Stragglers were still making their way home from a late Saturday night as we got on the train. Women wobbled on the platform in their 6 inch heels as I stood in my riding boots, waiting for the day to begin. Even though our seats faced backwards we could see the rising sun making an impressive display as we headed to Madrid.

A view of the Spanish countryside as seen from an AVE train window. Bright blue sky over green pasture.

Before we were even sure we were going to take this European adventure, Jared’s brother Matthew demanded we see Toledo. He promised it was fascinating – and he couldn’t have been more right! As you step off the train you’re corralled through a tiny old train station where the only light filters in through tall stained glass windows. As you step out onto the street, you can see the best parts of the old city perched high on the hilltops.

The city of Toledo, Spain sits high atop a hill.

Now grab your sequin shorts because this is where your workout begins. After about a quarter of a million steps up, congratulate yourself, you’re halfway there. Just as we reached the top, we followed a street that took us back down, and then up, and then back down again. “Sweatin’ to The Oldies” – and I’m in jeans. Clearly, mistakes were made. 

A man walks down wide stone steps in Toldeo, Spain.

In Valencia,  streets in “El Barrio de Carmen” are tiny and drivers move forward no matter what, but at least there’s a narrow strip of sidewalk where you can move out of the way. In Toledo, you have to listen carefully to determine if there’s a car coming around the corner and you better have a doorway (or something in sight that you can jump into) or you’re about to lose your kneecaps.

A man stands in the street in Toldeo with his arms outstretched showing how narrow the passage is.

Toledo really is everything Matthew promised, the perfect day trip and a place to get lost in the winding streets with beautiful views, and of course, lots of swords and armor!

After more “up and down, and up and down” and some shopping and some food – we were exhausted and ready to take the train back to Valencia. Thanks for the recommendation little brother! But don’t be surprised when you get a Jane Fonda DVD for your birthday. :)

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