Secrets In The Amalfi Mountains

We woke up and went out to the balcony to eat breakfast. I know we saw the view the day before but it’s so incredibly breathtaking, I would have believed it was a dream. We ate excitedly, anticipating our hike along the Valle dei Mulini

View of Amalfi from the balcony with a plate of oranges in front and mountains in the background We’re climbing up what feels like a million stairs. Up and up and up until it feels like I can touch the clouds. The higher we went the more unbelievable the view became. Every step seemed to offer something new, a waterfall, a lemon grove; miles of scenery came cascading over our eyes like a breaking wave.

hiking along the Amalfi Coast, green mountains and covered lemon groves

View of a lemon tree through a hole in a stone wall in ItalyAmalfi has a long history of making beautiful paper and along the trek we came across a number of old, abandoned mills. You can hardly tell what they once were. All that’s left is a few stone walls.
We continued our climb until we reached an impressive waterfall and decided to take a break.

Man and woman smiling in front of a steam while hiking in Amalfi The water was cold – we both wished it were warmer so we could go swimming. We decided to walk back down and check out the beach but we decided the sea was still too cold for swimming too. No one was in the water. An old man from Venice had told us, “Americans can try swimming right after Easter, they think it’s warm enough.” But he also told us to steal lemons, so I can’t say how reliable the advice is. The point is, forget about the water temperature. Just look at this place!

View from the beach in Amalfi

A woman lying on the beach in Amalfi with pastel building and green mountains in the background After playing on the beach for a while, I decided we had earned some gelato with all that climbing. In Amalfi, and really most of Italy, it’s not hard to find delicious gelato. We got ours and ate it on the steps to the cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo.

Two people eating gelato on the steps of the cathedral Sitting there, we had this feeling that we’d felt many times already on our journey; we are exactly where we’re supposed to be.


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