Top 3 Reasons Airbnb is Better Than a Hotel

I understand that using Airbnb is a controversial topic right now, especially in larger cities like San Francisco but for us, it’s been a great resource. When the idea of traveling Europe for a few months first came up, we knew staying in hotels would break our budget. It’s safe to say I was pretty excited when I found out about Airbnb and saw that we could do this trip and keep our budget in check. Take a look at just a few of the places we stayed throughout our adventure.

If the photos aren’t enough to convince you that having an apartment is better than a hotel room, then here are my top 3 reasons:

1. You get to live in neighborhoods: Being where people actually live and work offers a much more authentic experience of the city. It’s even better if you pick a place that’s in the city center so you can walk everywhere instead of taking a taxi to your Marriott at the edge of town.

A small cobblestone street in Haarlem Netherlands with bicycles and colorful pots of yellow flowers along a brick wall.


2. You get SO much more for your money: We’re talking living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, full kitchens, patios, balconies and much more. We paid less for our entire apartment in Venice that we would have spent on a hotel with a shared bathroom – think about that.

A living room and kitchen in London. Bright open space with lots of windows, a big television and marble countertops


3. You get to meet the nicest people: Airbnb hosts are wonderful. They do this because they love their city, they love meeting people and they love telling you secrets you won’t find in guidebooks. Seriously, ask you Airbnb host questions, they want to help and they always have the best recommendations. They’re incredible resources who quickly become friends.

Two men and a woman smile from a balcony above Marseille France. The city and the water behind them.

With our Airbnb host in Marseille

What do you think, have you ever tried Airbnb? Share your story in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons Airbnb is Better Than a Hotel

  1. The pictures r amazing. You have such good points as to not stay in a hotel.

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