What’s the French Word for Skunk?

We climbed up the stairs from the subway and quickly realized we didn’t know where we were going. Earlier, I looked at the map and determined what stop to get off at, but I forgot to note the name of the street. “Wait, what’s the French word for skunk?” I asked Jared. The look on his face told me he was not amused by my line of questioning but he pulled out his iPhone and looked it up anyway. Before we left the apartment, I read that the street where the market was had something to do with the French word for skunk. Looking up from his phone, Jared offered “mouffette?” “Rue Mouffetard!” I yelled and we were off.Paris cityscape on the cloudy day, cars and mopeds and classic Paris buildingsWe absolutely love street markets. It doesn’t matter if it’s food or art or rocking chairs for that matter, we’re there. We love the atmosphere, the buzz of streets filled with people and creativity. We’ve been to a ton of markets and this is by far one of the best. Rue Mouffetard is among the oldest and liveliest neighborhoods in Paris. Much of it is closed to cars so it’s predominately pedestrian traffic and generally very busy. As you wander around, the street comes alive with the scent of delicious things wafting from every shop and vibrant colors abound.apples and oranges at a fruit stand along Rue Mouffetard in Paris

A wine store along Rue Mouffetard in Paris

Colorful chairs outside a cafe along Rue Mouffetard in Paris We had a hard time deciding which delicious things to buy, and wished we had room to try them all. Jared eventually decided on a falafel wrap while I opted for a Bolognese baguette –and ate it with full flair. The food at the market is also very affordable, this giant sandwich cost me less than 4 euros.BAGUETTE 1The day was beautiful with a refreshing breeze and the sky was full of fluffy clouds that looked like they’d been splashed down by a hasty painter. We decided to make the most of it and walked to the garden at the natural history museum. The first flowers had pushed their way through the ground and while the trees were still waiting for their leaves to return, the bright green lawns took your attention away from that. Flowers in the garden at the natural history museum in Paris

Man  and woman smile in the garden at the natural history museum in ParisWe lingered while the day began to fade away, taking time to smell the flowers which I promise you, did not smell like “mouffette.”

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