Where to Find The Best Views of Valencia

At the end of our street here in Valencia lies one of the oldest gates to the city. Built in 1444 the towers were once part of the wall protecting Valencia. Today they still bear the bruises of cannon balls launched by Napoleon’s army in 1808.

The torres de quart standing in the city of Valencia Spain with a tree in frontWe walked by a few times before I realized we could climb it. We both jumped at the idea and the 4 euros for admission. The first set of marble steps leads up the side of the towers to an imposing wooden door. Every step was more exciting than the last because we had no idea what we’d find ahead.

Tons of stone steps leading up to the door of the torres de quart in Valencia Spain

It was late afternoon when we started our climb and no one was there but us. The setting sun cast dancing shadows along the interior walls.

The sun shining through a break in the wall at the top of the torres de quart in Valencia Spain.  The tops of buildings and traffic can be seen below

As we continued upward, the wide steps soon gave way to a dark spiral staircase.

A woman smiles up at the camera from a small, dark spiral staircase inside torres de quartThe sun’s warm arms welcomed us to the roof and served up the most beautiful landscape we’ve seen yet. The city stretched for miles before meeting the mountains on the horizon.

Less than a mile from “Torres de Quart” is its older brother “Torres de Serrano.” The Serrano towers were built in 1392 and are every bit as beautiful as the Quart towers.

People walking in front of the torres de serrano in Valencia Spain

The city of Valencia stretches out for miles from the top of the towers. You can see cars making their way around the city and soccer teams practicing on nearby fields but up here the city is quiet.

Like an old silent film, you’re free to make up your own dialogue.

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